Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Desktop

So the blog has been dead for like a month now, had nothing else to post. I thought a screen-shot of my current desktop wouldn't be a bad idea.
       After trying a lot of color schemes and a lot of googling, I've finally settled with this configuration.
The one I'm using for my editor GVim is oceandeep . There are two others I liked, which are wombat and solarized.
      If you're using GVim (Notice not Vim), put the 'theme.vim' file in your '~/.vim/colors/' directory. Start the GVim, and you can select the theme under Edit > Color Scheme.

     I also took time to find the best font for coding, and inconsolata worked for me. There are several "Top 10 Programming Fonts" you can choose from. Once you've installed the font of your choice, you can set it in GVim under Edit > Select Font.

      I prefer saving my configuration in _vimrc so that it loads up every time I start GVim. And I suppose you'll prefer that too, instead of setting your configuration every time. If you do so, you can save the current font in your setting by typing ':mkvimrc!' minus the single quotes. This will save your font choice (and key mappings etc.) into _vimrc file. But it WILL NOT save your color scheme, so here is what to do in order to save your color scheme.
       Open up your _vimrc file by typing ':e _vimrc' and scroll all the way to bottom of file. After the last line, add 'colors themename' replace the themename with your actual theme's name. Restart the GVim and you're good to go.

Thats it for today's post. In case you're wondering which background is it, here you go.

Edit: By default you can't set GVim's transparency. To do so, you can use transset package from Ubuntu's repositories. Install it, run it, and it'll give you a pointer; just click on the window of which you want to set the transparency with that pointer. By default it sets transparency to 0.75 i.e. 75 %. You can specify the transparency you want between range of 0 to 1. If you click on the same window again, the transparency will be reset to 1. Works with almost all windows.