Saturday, January 14, 2012

Being elite with 10,000 hours of practice

         So I read in a book called 'Outliers - The Story of Success' that it takes around 10,000 hours of practice in any field to achieve mastery. Speaking of which, I'll be hardly at couple of hundred hours of coding or even less than that (OH YES! I'M A NEWBIE!). But I love coding. Whatever time I've spent on working on my academic projects, or coding in lab while practical hours or at my localhost; I loved it.
         But believe me, being good at studies and being a programming addict at same time isn't possible. So I sort of killed my will to quit college and spend hours of programming at home, as I need to take the degree. Only then I'm gonna get a 'well-paying' job. But apart from working for money, its my hobby and I'm a big fan of Open Source Community. As they say
" The elite software developer is the programmer who spends all day pounding code at work, and after leaving work he writes open source software on his own time."
 Still, what I can do at my best right now is spend as much time as possible on coding. If I spend 5 hours a day coding, it'll take me 5 and a half year to be an elite programmer. Althought it isn't possible literally, I'll try my best to spend most of my time coding at my home. :)

                 Happy Coding everyone. Stay hungry ! Stay foolish ! :D

          A really nice applet to keep track of time you spend coding or working: Project Hamster(Time Tracker) 

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